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Grand Theft Auto V (the logo is also written as Grand Theft Auto Five) is the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was announced on October 25, 2011. Apart from the first trailer, there is little published information. On February 13 announced Rockstar Games 'within a few months, we will be talking more about GTA V.'

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GTA5Videos Wiki is the biggest GTA 5 Source. You can find ANYTHING related to GTA 5 here! Besides walktrough's, you can find alot more stuff llike background wallpapers, information on the creators of the game, and many many more things you did not know yet! All of our pages are very detailed and carefully written by our Authors. We have one dedicated team (2 Members at the moment) which makes the articles, thats why you guys cannot edit anything. We do this so we bring high quality and reliable information, like no other website.

GTA5Videos wiki has been created by the owners of the youtube channel GTA5Videos. We try to provide all the information you request. If there is any page which does not exist yet, please contact us using the subject "Wiki page".

First GTA 5 Trailer

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